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Powder Brush - Sweet Sparkle

Powder Brush

Perfect your complexion with the soft, supple Extra Large Powder Brush. Designed to apply loose and compact powders to the face without leaving excess product on the skin, it moves along with the natural curves of your face to create the softest, most velvety finish.


At Inspired By You Beauty, we believe inspiration comes in many forms. From things we see everyday to the people who motivate us to be the best version of ourselves. In this world of fast changing trends, colors, formulas and definitions of beauty - we set forth to create quality products, at affordable prices that you will love to wear. By listening to you, we believe we have created makeup that will allow you to express your personality, your creativity and your beauty.

At IBY Beauty, we are committed to using high-quality ingredients, and formulas that we are proud of. We hope that our makeup will be an outlet for you to create looks that will have you feeling amazing and beautiful.

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