OMG! Man in Black Hairband
Double Dare

OMG! Man in Black Hairband

Experience the ultimate skincare experience with a must-have accessory. The Platinum hairband for men features a smooth design, the OMG! logo on the front and a comfortable fit to keep hair away during your daily skincare routine, shaving or face mask session.
90% Acrylic + 10% Polyester
Double Dare is synonymous with adventure, wanderlust and first-time experiences. The journey is just as important as the final destination. All of our products were designed to nourish an adventurous spirit, and fuel a passion for discovery and innovation. Dare to discover a new way to think about looking and feeling beautiful with Double Dare. OMG! COLLECTIONS OMG! super-targeted treatments are easy and convenient for beauty on-the-go. OMG! masks were designed for easy and mess-free experiences that leave you feeling fabulous and flawless for any adventure that awaits. Each OMG! mask has been carefully formulated using the most effective and safe ingredients to reveal and revive your most beautiful skin. Dare to discover beautiful skin, anywhere, anytime and on-the-go with OMG!

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