Terre Mere

Mineral Bronzer

Enjoy a healthy natural gleaming tan without the damaging side effects of excessive sun exposure or tanning beds.

Terre Mère's all-natural and silky-smooth mineral bronzer gives you a warm and healthy sun-kissed glow, keeping your skin healthy and enhancing your natural beauty and complexion with a range of shades to complement every skin tone.

Our all-natural powder formula is suitable for all skin types and conditions, whether your skin is oily or dry, mature or sensitive.

Terre Mère's mineral bronzer powder is suitable for use all year round, so you always look as if you've been enjoying the fresh outdoors. Its lightweight coverage has the added benefits of camouflaging wrinkles, skin discolorations and blemishes, so your look is always clear, fresh and natural. You can also apply mineral bronzer to your legs and chest and shoulders, giving your skin extra life and color!

Terre Mere

Terre Mère Cosmetics is an organic-Vegan company that was established to provide solutions for consumers who choose high quality natural beauty products. Our goal is to create healthy beneficial products that will restore people's faith in nature.

All our products are made from organic vegan ingredients, as we believe that nature is wiser and gentler than chemicals or synthetic substances. Your body is at one with nature, so therefore the best way to nurture and cherish your skin is by seeking the simple and effective ingredients found in nature.

At Terre Mère Cosmetics, we have researched natural beauty ingredients from all cultures and continents ranging from the Far East to the western world. We wanted to learn from people who nurture and soothe their skin using ingredients straight from nature. We have discovered all of nature's beauty secrets, from the ingredients that smooth and heal your skin to those that add lustre and radiance to your complexion. From there we found the most compatible matches among the extracts, natural acids, essential oils, vitamins and minerals, to provide the most effective and visible response for your particular skin type.

We do intensive laboratory research in order to generate the most effective formulas for each different skin types. Our secret is in creating unique combinations of the highest quality ingredients in precise dosages so they nourish and sustain naturally beautiful skin. Our goal is to help all our customers achieve flawlessly healthy skin, whatever their individual skin type. We are dedicated to creating products that are beneficial over the long-term as well as immediately.

Just as your body responds with greater energy and efficiency to unprocessed and organic food, your skin will also flourish in response to our gentle therapeutic beauty products made entirely of natural ingredients.

Mica, Serecite, Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron, Yellow Iron Oxide.

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