Jet - Jetcro Patch
Double Dare

Jet - Jetcro Patch

Revolutionary Hair Patch!
Do you have a solution how to manage your hair during a beauty routine?

Jetcro is neither a hairpin nor a hair clip.
It is a new Velcro patch that sticks to your hair.

Jetcro holds back the hair and keeps hair in place.
It keeps hair away from face for easier facial mask application.

Jetcro does not mess up or ruin your hairstyle.
It leaves no annoying clip marks on the hair.

Mushroom-Shaped Velcro Technology
Holds hair perfectly without pulling or tangling.

Gently pull back bangs or side hair and press down Jetcro firmly in place. To remove, glide down Jetcro as if combing down the hair.
Polyester 60%, Polypropylene 40%
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