Eye Brush Set - Sweet Sparkle

Eye Brush Set

Apply. Blend. Create.
The ABC's to applying dome products.

All dome BEAUTY brushes have been designed to complement your favorite dome BEAUTY product. The ABC's of dome brushes are application made simple with each uniquely designed brush working seamlessly with every dome product. The bristles are made of the softest synthetic fibers which blend your product to perfection as they touch your face with care and ease. Create the look you desire with the uniquely designed handles and densely packed bristles that provide a fluid, flawless application.

Let's not forget about durability. Durability is second nature to dome and the uniquely designed Brush Armor with its Neoprene custom fit will hug and protect your brush for every use. Each brush will carefully perfect your makeup application in no time at all.

The EYE BLENDER Blend. Sweep. Extend.
To achieve the subtlest of blended looks, start at the corner of your eye, at your crease, and apply a quarter of the way toward the inside corner of your eye. Use the blender brush to sweep gently and blend the color to achieve your perfected look. You can also use the blender brush to highlight just below your brow bone for a glistening finish.

The EYE SHADOW BRUSH Press. Sweep. Perfect.
This brush has been perfected to fit the intricate details of your eye. The densely packed bristles provide the control you need to apply the look you want. Dab this brush into your eye jewel for a one sweep of color finish or use with your diamond shadow to provide dimension to your look. Application perfected every time!

The EYE LINER BRUSH - Define. Smoke. Smudge.
For that perfectly defined line use the tip of the brush as you trace your lash-line or use the side of the brush to perfect that sultry smokey eye. This brush provides precision in eye lining whether smokey, defined, cat eye or winged.
Ingredients: 100% synthetic hair.

dome beauty

It s all about the brush!

Regardless of the make-up you choose, without the right brush the right tool the application will falter and frustrate.

This was the basis for the development of our exclusive line of custom dome-shaped brushes which are designed to respond to the varying contours of face: the definitions of the jaw-line and neck, the subtle nuances of the cheeks and forehead, the distinctive form of the nose and the utterly unique shape of the eye, eyelid and brow.

The brushes were so high-performing, we made it our name and dome Beauty was born.

As recognition for the exceptional application results achieved by the dome brushes grew, we knew it was time for superior cosmetic products too. With the same attention to performance, simplicity and versatility we used in the design of our brushes, we developed our stunning line of products and launched with the well received dome BEAUTY eye products.

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