Pastel Eye Colors Do’s & Don’ts and Our Top Picks

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When it comes to make-up, the possibilities are endless. It’s possible to create stunning looks with more natural pastel colors as well as colorful, bold tones. This guide is to help you have fun experimenting with colors other than your ordinary go-to eyeshadows. This look is all about having fun, so enjoy!

Makeup tips Pastel Eye Colors Do and Don't Top Picks Sweet Sparkle

  • Don’t wear heavy makeup across your entire face. Find your area of focus, and soften up the rest.
  • Avoid piling on too much dark makeup with lots of fallout underneath the eyes. Instead of black smokey eyes, try variations of the color green (from pastel green to a deep green on the eyes).
  • Be careful not to make your face look washed out, so define your brows, and leave your browbone bare to avoid an unintended retro look.
  • Do experiment with colors. Have fun and go for unexpected ones like pinks, peaches, and violets. Stick with a wash of one shade or experiment with duo pastel eyeshadows like pinks and orange gold’s. Try mixing up the textures. For example, you can wear a matte lip, with shimmery eyes and a glossy lip.
  • Use an eye primer. Pastel colors are very light and can fade. Primer will help the shadow stand out more and stay true to color.
  • Apply blush colors such a peony pink or golden coral on the cheek and also on your eyes! Sweep the color onto the entire lid in using a blush brush (also known as blush draping).

Find out what shades work best with your skin tone with a vein test! Check the inside of your wrist, if your veins appear more purple or blue, you’re cool toned. If they’re green, you have a warm undertone. If you can’t decide, you might be neutral. You can also try the jewelry test! If gold jewelry compliments your skin tone, you have warm undertones. If silver is more your thing, you’re probably cool-toned. Do your research on what colors look best on your skin tone to find pastel colors that flatter you most! 

Recommended Products

We recommend the following pastel colors to help you stay with the trend this season!

Try pastels by using soft or bold eyeliner or as a highlighter that you can apply in the inner corner of your eyes. We recommend the following.


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