Make Up Hack #6: Powder Up

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Makeup Hacks setting powders

Do you dream of maintaining that fresh dewy look all night long without ever looking greasy? Join the club! Nothing is worse than a shiny glimmer of oil taking over your entire face. Setting powders are perfect for keeping that flawless balance, and conveniently we have you covered when it comes to powders! Shop some of our favorite powders below for the perfect reduced shine look. If an emergency presents itself and you leave your powder at home, Disposable toilet seat covers have first-handedly proven to be equally effective – if not better – than traditional blotting pads, making your skin look perfectly matte. So the next time you take that bathroom break in the midst of a long day of looking fierce and fabulous, be sure to take advantage of the multi-use toilet seat covers! Or, of course, keep one of these travel-easy powders in your purse at all times!

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