Introducing Terre Mère Cosmetics. Organic and 100% Vegan.

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Terre Mere Cosmetics

Terre Mère Cosmetics is an organic-Vegan company that believes the best way to nurture your skin is by seeking simple and effective ingredients found in nature. Terre Mère brushes are ultra-soft and their makeup delivers beautiful pigmentation to help anyone achieve flawlessly healthy skin.


Terre Mère brushes are made of synthetic bristles and come in many styles. You can pick from short stiff bristle brushes made for precise application to ultra-plush jumbo powder brushes that will help you lay down pigment nice and evenly. Terre Mère’s brushes are much easier to wash than natural brushes because they do not absorb as much product as natural brushes.

Mineral Eyeshadows

Terre Mère Mineral Eyeshadows are made from 100% Pure Mica Powder. Mica is a mineral mined from the earth and is a key ingredient in mineral makeup. It gives pure pigment color to provide a wide range of beautiful shades and helps to give us the natural glow look that we have come to love.

Mineral Blush & Bronzers

Properly applying bronzer and blush gives your skin a sun-kissed radiance that looks natural and healthy. Terre Mère Mineral Bronzer helps you to achieve an irresistible natural looking tan, and the all-natural Powder Blush keeps your cheeks perfectly flushed all day long.

Matte Lipstick & Lip Pencil

Lip liner can be incredibly flattering when applied properly and it makes a major difference in your lipstick’s staying power. Terre Mère Lip Liners are highly pigmented and waterproof and will not feather or bleed. Keep your lips moisturized throughout the day using Terre Mère Matte Lipstick with time released moisture complex that helps capture and seal-in hydration. Keep your lips full, lined and beautiful.

Setting Spray & Powder

“Setting” helps your makeup last much longer throughout the day and Terre Mère offers both the setting spray and setting powder. Try using a setting powder instead of a powder foundation for sheerer coverage and a more natural look. Setting powder can also be used to absorb excess oil and used to touch up makeup throughout the day. Terre Mère’s colorless setting powder is long lasting and paraben free and is infused with photochromic technology to diffuse light for a smooth matte finish. Use Terre Mère Setting Spray to help set your makeup or use it on its own to plump and revitalize your skin to give your face a luminous glow.

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