How To: Liquid, Gel, Pencil Eyeliner Guide

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How To – Liquid, Gel, Pencil Eyeliner Guide Side profile of fair skinned woman's face with subtle makeup and a sharp black streak of eyeliner

We all know eyeliner is the most important part of our makeup routine, as well as the most stressful! Once we get this part down we can doll up the rest of our face with ease. Wmetalell fear no more! We’ve got you covered with this How To: Eyeliner tip guide – broken down by type for your convenience!

Pencil Eyeliner

1. Sharpen your eye pencilFor precision and health precautions this is always a good move!

2. Make a dotted line from the outer corner of your eye moving inwardEnvision your desired flare and begin to mark each point you want to hit – you will only need about 3 dots total!

3. Connect the dotsFirst, draw your wing. Once the hard part is over simply extend the line gradually over the rest of your lid line, and you’re finished!


Gel Eyeliner

1. Get the right brush - There are various different brush options that each provide different looks, so you may have to do trial and error to find the perfect one for you!

2. Load the brush with the right amount of product This also could be a thing of preference, but regardless it is important not to put too much product onto the brush so you avoid smudging.

3. Create the desired curve, with a steady hand Be still, steady, and glide along.

Liquid Eyeliner

1. Tilt your head back This will allow you to see the full landscape of your eyelid, which is important when you’re about to make the swipe of your life. (And no, we’re not talking about Tinder)

2. Use your other hand to pull your eye lid straight Again, it’s all about setting the swipe up for success.

3. Start from the outside and swoop inward Do not hesitate, and do not overthink. Just swipe with confidence and you’ll be feeling fierce within seconds.

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