How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

You’d be surprised by how quickly your brushes clump up with residual product and gunk! To create impeccable makeup looks it’s essential to keep your brushes in top-notch shape. Clean makeup brushes are not only important for perfect application use, but also for sanitary and health concerns. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled five simple steps to keep up with this low maintenance responsibility.

1. Get the bristles wet.

Use running water to rinse and soak the bristles of your makeup brush and get it free of excess product. Be careful not to get the water above the handle of the brush to avoid loosening the glue that hold the bristles together.

2. Massage bristles in soap.

Gently massage the brush's bristles with a soft soap such as baby shampoo or a brush shampoo. If you are cleaning more than one brush at a time you can lather one up and set aside to sit as you massage the next one.

3. Rinse clean.

Repeat step one and rid the brush free of all shampoo and excess product. Again, be careful not to get water above the handle.

4. Squeeze the water free from brush.

Use fingers and press together to release the leftover water from the bristles. Remaining water can cause streaky application and, in some cases, mold.

5. Let your brushes dry.

Place your brushes on top of a towel or cloth with the bristles hanging over the edge of a table for overnight drying. By morning they should be fully free of moisture and residue and ready to put on a gorgeous face!

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